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About PME

We provide good, affordable, sustainable and personal pensions for the Metal and Technology Industry, consisting of both small and very large companies. We work on behalf of some 1,432 companies and more than 166,000 participants. In addition, around 167,000 pensioners receive a monthly benefit payment. PME also manages the pension entitlements of more than 302,000 former participants. PME is a non-profit foundation. We work for a sector that operates in a competitive international market. That sector is always on the cutting edge of costs. So are we. We do not only provide an income for the future. We also arrange pensions for descendants of employees and provisions in the event of incapacity for work or leave.

Our Mission

A good pension for people working in the metal and technology industry. A pension that suits everybody’s circumstances and needs. That is what PME aims for every day. We consider providing personal support important. We support participants in making the best choices, using clear language. A lifelong.

If you want to know more about our ambition and vision, download our annual report. You can also find the latest results of 2020 in the annual report.



What is my pension now and how much will I receive when I reach my retirement age? In My PME, you can view your personal data and your pension build-up at our pension fund. View the possibilities to divide your pension in accordance with your own wishes in My PME. Log in with your DigiD. PME prefers to communicate digitally as far as possible, as it saves costs. So please add your e-mail address to your personal data in My PME.

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