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The build-up of your pension in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands your income upon retirement consists of three parts:

1. AOW pension from the government

2. Pension that you build up during your work

3. Your own pension supplement

AOW pension from the government

The AOW pension is a basic state pension for people who have reached their AOW pension age. The state pension is paid out by the SVB. Go to to check your state pension age and the amount of your AOW pension. You build up AOW pension in the years that you live in the Netherlands. 

Pension that you build up during your work

You build up this pension via your employer at pension funds, premium pension institutions and/or insurers. You pay a contribution for this pension. That contribution is a percentage of your pensionable salary. The contribution percentage for the PME pension scheme is 1,815% (2021). Your employer pays a part of the costs. The other part will be withheld from your gross salary. You can see this on your salary slip. You also build up pension during sick leave and paid holiday leave.

Go to (Dutch only) for an overview of your AOW pension and built-up pensions in the Netherlands.

Your own pension supplement

You can arrange a supplement yourself to your retirement or state pension, e.g. with a savings or an annuity account if you think that your pension will be insufficient.