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New pension rules: this stays the same

Not everything changes. The strong points are maintained.

  • You continue to build up pension with us through your employer.
  • You receive pension for as long as you live.
  • In addition to pension from PME, you will also get state retirement pension (AOW). This does not change.
  • You will have the same choices you have now. You can, for instance, choose when you want to retire.
  • If you die, your partner will in most cases receive a monthly partner pension from us. Even if you die before you retire.
  • We continue to invest for your pension. Because investing has a better return than saving.
  • We continue to share windfalls and setbacks with each other. That way, pension will remain fair and affordable for everyone.

We will improve things that could be done better. Check out what changes with the new pension rules.