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Privacy statement

Your privacy is very important to us. Our privacy statement tells you how we handle your personal data.

PME pension fund administers the pension scheme for the metal and technology industries. When you accrue or have accrued pension with PME, or when you receive pension from PME, your personal data are known to PME and/or PME's administrator organisation TKP. 

This also applies to personal data of internal and external employees, pension board members, members of the accountability council, external advisers and key position holders of PME.

You can trust us to handle your data carefully and confidentially. In this privacy statement you can read how we do this.

What are personal details?

Personal data are data that can be traced back to an individual person. Examples include your name, address, date of birth, telephone number and email address. But also your salary details. We get these and other data from your employer when you start participating in our pension scheme. We also get data from you yourself, for instance when you fill in a form, send a letter or email, or call our customer service.

Whose personal details do we process?

We process personal data of all persons who accrue or have accrued pension with us or receive pension from us (participants). We also process personal data of their partners (if any) and children (if any). We may also process data of persons with whom we are in contact. We also process personal data of pension board members, members of the accountability council, external advisers and external key position holders, internal and external employees, suppliers and outsourcing partners of PME.

Important: if you, as an employer or company, provide us with personal data of your employees, you are obliged under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to inform your employees about this.

For what purpose are personal details used?

PME and its administrator organisation use the personal data provided by you or your employer to inform you about your personal situation. Consider, for example:

  • The pension scheme that applies to you.
  • The amount of your pension accrual/benefit.
  • The consequences of changes in you work or home situation.

We also use your personal data for the administration of your pension scheme. 

For the administration of the pension scheme, we process your personal data for the following purposes:

  • To calculate your pension rights and claims, to pay your pension.
  • To calculate, record and collect pension contributions from your employer.
  • To be able to comply with legal stipulations such as sending the annual uniform pension statement (UPS), providing personal and pension data to the National Pension Register, to be able to carry out mandatory and non-mandatory communications with you.
  • As an employer/client of persons who perform work at or on behalf of PME (this includes PME employees, members of the fund bodies and external employees, advisors and key position holders).
  • To be able to comply with obligations under legislation and regulations to provide information to relevant authorities such as the Tax Authorities and financial regulators.
  • To safeguard the interests of PME, participants and employees.
  • To optimise our services, for example by recording telephone conversations to improve the expertise of our employees and the quality of services and through means and techniques with which the effectiveness, appropriateness and impact of emails can be monitored and analysed.
  • To handle complaints and disputes.
  • To prevent fraud.
  • To perform records management and conduct scientific, statistical or historical research and analyses in the context of the administration of PME's pension schemes.
  • To guarantee the integrity, manageability and safety of business operations of PME and the pension industry.


We also consider it important that our service provision and our policy choices optimally meet the needs of participants and affiliated employers. To that end, we regularly conduct surveys among participants, former participants, pension beneficiaries and employers. These include a Customer Satisfaction Survey and surveys about investments and the pension scheme. These surveys are conducted by us or by specialised research agencies on our behalf. In the latter case, we only exchange personal data if necessary and only data that are absolutely necessary for inviting survey participants and conducting analyses. These include email address, name and gender and in some cases the age cohort and the group you are part of (participant, former participant, pension beneficiary) and the cohort of the amount of the accrued pension. These data are destroyed as soon as possible after completion of the relevant survey. We also conduct surveys into to customer experiences and the effectiveness and appropriateness of communications by PME.

PME and its administrator bodies use your data only for the purposes listed above.

Sharing with other parties

PME shares your personal data with various other parties if necessary to carry out the pension agreement and/or to meet statutory obligations and the purposes listed in this privacy statement. We enter into a processing agreement with parties that process your data on our behalf. This ensures a similar and sufficient level of security and confidentiality of your data. PME remains responsible for such processing activities. 

PME has outsourced its pension administration to TKP Pensioen B.V. (TKP). As administrator, TKP has access to your personal data. PME has made agreements with TKP about how TKP handles your data, with whom they may share your data and how TKP must protect your data. In order to properly carry out PME's pension administration, TKP uses various parties that, depending on your situation, receive your personal data (sub-processors). TKP ensures that these sub-processors provide at least the same level of security as agreed with PME.

The parties with which PME shares your personal data can be divided into the following categories:

  • Financial regulators
  • Government agencies
  • Benefits agencies
  • National Pension Register
  • Collection/debtor partners
  • Employers, former employers and their proxies
  • Mailing processors/printers
  • Archive storage companies
  • Inspection parties, e.g. for carrying out wage checks
  • ICT database/website management and maintenance companies
  • IT security companies
  • Research agencies
  • Accountancy/actuary firms for assurance purposes
  • Other pension administrators, particularly in the event of value transfer

Special personal data

In some cases we need data on your health, for instance if your benefit claim depends on your health status. We process these medical data extra carefully. The medical advisor of PME and its administrator organisation is authorised to inspect your medical data. Other employees only receive your medical data if they need the data to perform their work. They have the same obligation of confidentiality as the medical advisor on the basis of their medical confidentiality.

Your personal data are well secured

We handle your personal data carefully, securely and confidentially. That is why our systems and programs are well secured so that unauthorised persons within and outside our organisation do not have access to your personal data. All employees of PME and of PME's administrator organisation have signed a confidentiality agreement. This means they handle the data known to us with due care.

Your rights

You have the right to access your personal data and (in the event of inaccuracies) have them corrected, restricted or removed temporarily or permanently. You can consult an overview of your personal data via My PME or request it in writing by sending a request to:

PME pensioenfonds
Attn. participant administration
Postbus 5010
9700 GA Groningen

Supervision of personal data processing

The rules on protecting your personal data are set out in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The Dutch Data Protection Authority (DPA) oversees compliance with this legislation.

What do we do in case of fraud and abuse?

In the event of fraud or misuse, PME and its administrator organisation have the legal obligation to pass on your personal data to the police and the judiciary. These may include personal data, recordings of telephone conversations or IP addresses of website visitors.

Call PME or its pensions provider

When you call us or we call you, we may record the telephone conversation. We do this for the purpose of training, coaching and assessing our employees and to optimise the quality of our service provision so that we can help you better. You are notified of this prior to the conversation.


When you call us or we call you, we may record the telephone conversation. We do this for the purpose of training, coaching and assessing our employees and to optimise the quality of our service provision so that we can help you better. You are notified of this prior to the conversation.