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About PME

PME secures a good, affordable, sustainable and personal pension for 1,432 employees, 166,000 active participants and 167,000 pensioners in the metal and technology sector. That is what PME works for every day. 

A good pension

You arrange it together and in solidarity with others. Sharing the costs and risks means everyone is better off.

A sustainable pension

A good pension is worth more in a world that is fair, future proof and clean. Through our investments, we guarantee a positive impact on the climate, environment and working conditions.

An affordable pension

We’re careful about the costs. We get as much pension as possible out of every single euro we invest. We invest the sector's pension money for good long-term returns.

A personal pension

Everyone is different. That’s why we offer tailor-made pensions and give you lots of options. We help people make the right choices by using clear language and providing a personal service. For a lifetime.