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About PME

PME secures a good, affordable, sustainable and personal pension for 1,432 employees, 166,000 active participants and 167,000 pensioners in the metal and technology sector. That is what PME works for every day. 

What we do

PME implements the pension schemes that have been agreed upon by the social partners in the sector to ensure a pension that fits everyone's needs and wishes. We secure pensions for the future, including for your family, and we have provide security in case of occupational disability or leave.

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How we are doing

The coverage ratio is literally the thermometer of our financial position. It reflects the relation between our assets and the money needed to pay out all the pensions, both now and in the future.

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How we work together

PME is the pension fund of and for people working in the metal and technology sector. This is why the board includes representatives of employer organisations, unions and pensioners. We also work together closely with social partners, both of our own sector and other industries.

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