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We aim to realise a good and affordable pension for each employee. The pension contributions paid by you and your employer are, by themselves, not enough to provide for later. That is why we invest.

Isn't it better to put the money in savings?

In the long turn investments have a greater return. More so than putting money in a savings account. In other words: if you put the money in a savings account, you would pay much more in contributions to get the same pension. Every euro you pay is invested and will eventually be worth twice the original amount.

The return on investment is our primary focus. At the same time we invest in a responsible and sustainable manner. Of course, we comply with laws and regulations. We do not take more risks than necessary for a good return.

Investments on behalf of the sector

We invest to promote the interests of our sector, for instance to promote sustainability or to create more jobs.

Read how we invest on behalf of our sector

What is the return on investment?

What is the return on our investments and which costs do we incur in the process? Transparency is important to us.

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It's about more than money alone

A good future requires more than money. Our investments also take into account the climate, the environment and labour conditions world-wide. If we do invest, why not invest in companies that yield a return ánd that make the world a better place?

Let's talk

As a large investor, we encourage companies to do business responsibly by reaching out to them.

Read how we reach out and talk about responsible entrepreneurship 

More about investments

Read more about our principle of (responsible) investments and the themes that matter to us.

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