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We do invest in...

We invest in a large part of the world, with different types of investments. That way, we spread the risks associated with investing. And, where possible, we also invest close to home.

Equity and corporate bonds

Company name Sort descending Amount in €CountrySectorType
1011778 BC ULC / New Red Finance Inc22.046.975CanadaConsumer, cyclicalCorporate bonds
180 Medical Inc4.258.882United KingdomConsumer, non-cyclicalCorporate bonds
360 Security Technology Inc280.849ChinaCommunicationsShares
37 Interactive Entertainment Network Technology Group Co Ltd169.067ChinaTechnologyShares
3i Group PLC10.608.178United KingdomFinancialCorporate bonds
3M Co18.288.432United StatesIndustrialShares
3M Co7.650.237United StatesIndustrialCorporate bonds
888 Acquisitions Ltd5.337.246GibraltarConsumer, cyclicalCorporate bonds
A O Smith Corp3.418.863United StatesIndustrialShares
ABB Finance BV20.479.064SwitzerlandIndustrialCorporate bonds

Investments in the Netherlands

Where possible, we want to invest in our own country. Close to home. We also invest in our own metal and technology industry.

Government bonds

Government bonds are loans to national governments. Such loans are valid for a limited period of time. Countries pay us interest on these loans at fixed points in time. At the end of the term, the country repays the loan. These investments are spread over different countries. The Netherlands and Germany are examples of safe countries, of which you can be sure that they always pay on time. Because of this, they pay less interest than some other countries, where the risk may be higher. We do not put money into countries subject to sanctions, such as an arms embargo, a travel ban or financial sanctions.

Below is a list of companies to which we have loaned money. We update the overview every three months. The next time will be around June the 30th, 2024.

CountryAmount in €

Real estate

We invest directly in Dutch real estate. We own rental homes, particularly in the mid-rental segment. We also invest in retail. We earn money for your pension through the rent we receive. The increase in the value of real estate also generates money. 

In our real estate investments, we pay special attention to sustainability. Energy-efficient buildings contribute to healthier and more affordable living and working. Responsible construction also contributes to a good pension for you. Because sustainable real estate is worth more.  

In the rest of Europe and in the United States, we invest in property funds. These are baskets with different real estate projects.

Private equity

We also invest in companies outside the stock exchange. That makes us co-owner of a company through a manager. This costs more than other investments, but it often also comes with a higher return for your pension. This mainly happens if the companies are organised differently and better and then sell for a higher price.


Our investments in infrastructure mainly consist of roads, railways, waterworks and electricity networks. For these investments, we often work with other investors, government authorities and construction companies. They really are investments for the longer term. We also invest in forestry.

Who manages these investments?

To manage investments, we use the expertise of asset managers in the different categories. You can see which these are below. We update this overview once a year. The next time will be around June 30th, 2024.

Investment categoryAsset manager
Credit bondsAegon       
AXA Investment Managers       
UBS Global Asset Management
ForestryRed Mountain

High-interest bonds emerging countries

Aberdeen Standard Investments       
Ashmore Investment Management       
NN Investment Partners       
Stone Harbor Investment Partners
High-interest corporate bondsColumbia Threadneedle Investments       
MacKay Shields       
NN Investment Partners       
Polen Capital Credit       
Post Advisory Group       
InfrastructureAlinda Capital Partners       
Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners       
JP Morgan       
SUSI Partners AG       
Vauban Infrastructure Partners
Infrastructure loansAXA Investment Managers       
Macquarie Group
MicrofinancingSNS Institutional Microfinance
Money market fundsBlackrock       
Goldman Sachs Asset Management International       
J.P. Morgan Asset Management


Dutch Mortgage Funding Company       
Syntrus Achmea Real Estate & Finance
Private equityAnaCap Financial Partners       
Ara Partners       
Ares Management       
Audax Private Equity       
Blue Wolf Capital       
Cinven Limited       
Clayton, Dublier & Rice       
CVC Capital Partners       
EQT Partners       
Exponent Private Equity       
Fairhaven Capital Partners       
Falcon Investment Advisors       
Forbion Capital Partners       
Gilde Healthcare Partners       
H.I.G. Capital       
Harvest Partners       
Hellman & Friedman       
Industry Ventures        
Innovation Industries        
InvestIndustrial Partners       
Jerusalem Venture Partners       
Lincolnshire Management       
Lindsay Goldberg       
LLR Equity Partners       
New Mountain Capital       
Palladium Equity Partners       
Permira Partners       
Pinnacle Ventures       
Platinum Equity Capital Partners        
Prime Ventures       
Quad-C Management       
SunTX Capital Partners       
The Jordan Company       
Thomas H Lee       
TPG Capital       
Trilantic Capital Partners       
Triton Partners       
Value Enhancement Partners       
Vista Equity Partners       
Property InternationalAberdeen Standard Investements       
Alpha Investment Partners       
AXA Real Estate Investment Managers       
Barings Real Estate       
BGO Diversified US Property Fund       
CBRE Global Investors       
Dune Real Estate Partners       
Exeter Property Group       
M&G Real Estate       
Orion Capital Managers       
Patrizia AG       
Ramius Capital Group and REI       
Thor Equities
Property the NetherlandsCBRE       
Syntrus Achmea Real Estate Finance

Investing in the Netherlands

If at all possible, we like to invest in our own country. Close to home, in other words. We do the same in our own metal and tech industry.