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PME is a non-profit foundation. We work for a sector that operates in a competitive international market, always focused on cost effectiveness. So are we. PME has a board and an accountability body. Together they protect the pension interests of almost 350,000 employers and employees in the metal and technology sector. 

Organisation PME

The social partners are responsible for the sector's labour conditions, including pensions. The employer organisation is FME. Employee organisations are FNV, CNV Vakmensen, De Unie and VHP2. Together, they constitute PME's social partners. They compile the pension scheme ánd determine who is on the board of PME.

The board consists of 12 people who manage the pension fund; 3 of them lead the administrative office and see to the fund's day-to-day business. The other 9 board members represent the employers, employees and retirees.

The administrative officesupports the board and supervises the implementation of the pension scheme. It includes experts with know-how of asset management, pension policy, finance and communication.

Pension consultants answer questions raised by employers and employees. They also work with other parties. They take care of the administration and investments, for instance.

Working with PME

PME is the pension fund of ánd for people in the metal and technology sector. The administrative office includes experts with know-how of asset management, pensions, finance, risk management and communication.

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