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What we do

A good pension for the people in the metal and technology sector. A pension that suits any conditions and needs. This is what PME strives to accomplish every day. We believe that pensions are arranged best together. PME implements the pension schemes that have been agreed upon by the social partners in this sector.

What is our ambition?

We cannot do this work alone

The implementation of pensions has been outsourced to our pensions provider TKP. They take care of the administration, pension communication, investments, management and payment of pensions. We remain at the helm of that oursourcing arrangement. TKP reports to us regarding activities and results, based on mutual agreements. TKP is thus held accountable to the board of PME with regard to its performance.

Many companies, and therefore many people, are active in the metal and technology sector. The Metalektro Consultation Board, or Raad van Overleg Metalektro (ROM, in Dutch) combines all social partners in the sector. The ROM assesses whether or not an employer should join PME. This is called a scope study.