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My new pension scheme

You want to know what will change in your pension scheme. Right now, nothing changes for you. Your new pension scheme will take effect on 1 January 2027 at the latest. Our aim is to have your new pension scheme start earlier. But this depends on the negotiations between the trade unions and employers. They determine what your new pension scheme will look like. What we do know is this:

You will have a pension fund with your own pension capital. The new pension rules ensure that your pension increases earlier in economically good times. But it also decreases when the economy is not doing well.

The amount of your pension payment may be slightly different every year. Pension payments may develop in line with the economy.

Insight into how much pension you can expect, approximately

We will show you how much pension contribution you and your employer pay. You will have a better understanding of how much PME invests for you. The pension contribution together with the proceeds from the investments are the basis for the amount of your pension. And not your salary, as is currently the case. Everyone will be able to see the amount that is available for his or her pension: the pension fund.

Annual estimate of your pension

Every year, we estimate how much pension you can expect later when the economy is doing well or not doing well.

What happens to your current pension scheme?

You cannot keep your current pension scheme. Trade unions and employers are discussing whether or not the current pension scheme can be transferred to the new pension scheme. The new pension rules state that the current pension scheme is transferred to the new pension scheme unless this is financially unfavourable. At this time, they don't know that yet. They still have to do all kinds of calculations for this.