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Attention for people and the environment

We aim to realise a sustainable pension for everyone. We invest responsibly while weighing the best possible return against acceptable risks. Not just financially, but socially as well. After all, return and sustainability can indeed go together.


A good pension is worth more in a future-proof, just and liveable world. That is why we view the world around us with the people and the environment in mind. PME participants have an important say in this process.

How that looks in real life

We invest in future-proof companies that contribute to a sustainable and stable economy and society. In every investment decision we weigh a number of criteria. If at all possible, we want our investments to contribute to solutions to societal challenges. We mainly focus on climate change and labour. As a significant shareholder, we can also influence the companies we invest in. We put that position to good use. If necessary, we talk to the board of these companies and we cast our vote at shareholder meetings.