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PME also affected by data breach at software supplier

Last update: September 5, 2023

On 28 March 2023, PME was informed about a data breach at a software supplier of a market research firm we use. Several other organisations have been hit by the same breach. PME has clear picture of which data are involved and has, in close cooperation with specialised research agencies, tried to determine whether unauthorised persons have actually accessed or stolen the data. We have also investigated what else may have been done with the data, for instance whether they have been posted on the internet (darkweb). There are no concrete indications for this. A renowned cyber security company will keep checking this periodically.

We have filed a report of cybercrime with the police and the Dutch Data Protection Authority has also been informed. Needless to say PME has also contacted the relevant authorities and has, by way of precaution, informed potentially affected parties. PME continuously works on improving the security of personal data.

Remain alert

Always remain alert of any so-called phishing messages or suspicious telephone calls you may receive. They are intended to get more information from and about you or even have you make a payment. They often use personal information that they have derived from various sources and/or data breaches, so that they may appear familiar and you think you can trust them. If you don’t trust a call or message, hang up the phone, click away, and never share personal data.

PME will never try to get in touch with you by WhatsApp or text message. And PME will never ask you by WhatsApp or text message to make a payment or to send us personal data or other confidential information.

Would you like to know more about phishing, privacy and safe internet practices? Then visit this special government website:

As soon as we have new information, we will post it on this page. Also see the Q&A for answers to your key questions.