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New pension rules

The pension rules worked well for years, but that is changing. That is why the trade unions, employers and the government have joined forces to make new pension rules.

What this means for you

Pension funds have several years to switch to the new system. PME is expected to do so on 1 January 2026. For now, everything stays the same. As soon as it is clear what the new rules mean for you, you will hear from us. Curious to find out what we do already know? You can read it below.

Why new rules?

There are 3 reasons why new pension rules are necessary.

1. Pension can go up earlier than is currently the case
If the economy does well, pensions are not always increased. That feels unfair. With the new rules, your pension can be increased earlier than is currently the case. Is the economy not doing well? Then your pension can also be decreased.
2. More transparent and more personal pension
How much money do you and your employer put aside for your pension? And how much do you accrue? A lot of people simply don't know. With the new rules, this becomes a lot clearer. 
3. Pension more in line with your career
In the old days, people worked for the same boss for years. That has changed. People switch jobs, stop working for a while or start for themselves. The new rules reflect this better.