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PME increases pensions by 6.2%

Every year, the pension board reviews whether pensions can be increased. An increase is only possible if the fund's financial situation and the rules allow it. And this is the case for the second time in a year. Following the 1.29% last July, pensions will be increased by another 6.2% as of 1 January 2023. The increase will apply to everyone - pensioners, active participants and former participants of PME.

A higher pension from 1 January

These are financially tough times. Everything is getting more expensive, from daily groceries to our energy bill and the petrol we put in our cars. That is why we are glad we can help by increasing the pensions. As of 1 January 2023, everyone will get 6.2% extra. Of course this does not entirely take away the pain of rising prices. But together with the higher state retirement pension and the announced energy ceiling, it may be a welcome helping hand for many people.

What this increase means for you

Whether you are still working or have already retired, the increase is for everyone.

Have you retired?

  • Your pension will be increased by 6.2%.
  • Your first higher pension payment will be in your account around 23 January 2023.
  • In mid-February, you will receive a statement with the amount for 2023.

Are you still accruing pension?

  • Your accrued pension will be increased by 6.2%.
  • This means you will have a higher income when you retire.
  • Want to view your increased pension? Log in on our website after 1 February.

Why 6.2%?

We would, of course, prefer to give you an even greater pension increase. But we have to be careful. There is no telling how the economy will develop. Will we be hitting hard times? Then it's good to have a buffer. This reduces the chance of having to lower your pension again in the future.

Also, we take both young and old into account. In other words, everyone who accrues pension, has accrued pension or is already receiving a pension. This is what we refer to as "balanced weighing of interests". Spending everything now is not wise. Because future generations want to enjoy a good pension, too. At the same time, we understand that pensioners really need a little extra.

And, last but not least, there will be new pension rules in the Netherlands within a few years' time. We want to make sure the transition to this new pension system is as smooth as possible for everyone involved. By keeping a reserve now, we can face the future with more confidence.

Watch the webinar

Want to know more about your pension increase? You will hear all about it in this webinar. With Eric Uijen, chairman of the PME executive board, and Theo Bruinsma, general board member on behalf of pensioners.

Watch the webinar in full screen. Do you want to watch the webinar with subtitles? That is possible, too! Click on the second button at the bottom left of the screen (next to the start button).

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