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Investment policy

You want to know why we invest your contribution. And how we invest. The answer: we need to invest for a good pension. Our investment plan tells you how we invest and what we invest in.

We need to invest for a good pension

You and your employer both pay a contribution every month. This contribution is lower than the amount we will need later to pay all pensions. We invest in order to earn the rest of the money we need.

Investing has a better return than saving

In the long term, investing makes the most money. More than saving. If we did not invest, you would get less pension or would have to pay a higher contribution for the same pension.

We are looking for the balance between return and risk

Investing also involves risks. We always look for the best balance between return and risk. We have a policy in place to manage the main risks. And we take risks into account when we put together our investment portfolio.

We invest sustainably

We have a corporate social responsibility for the way in which we invest.

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