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PME increases pensions by 3.26 percent

Financial situation
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As of January 1, 2024, PME Pensioenfonds will increase the pensions of all participants by 3.26%. The contribution of 27.98% remains the same and the pension accrual increases from 1.815% to 1.875% in 2024. Added to previous increases, PME has increased pensions by 11% in a year and a half.

Eric Uijen, chairman of the PME executive board, “Being able to increase three times in a row, after fourteen years of standstill, is very nice. At the same time, I realize that these increases do not compensate for the entire inflation over that period. Moreover, there is a big difference between the calculated inflation and what the people at the cash register feel. PME has always tried to do the maximum possible without taking unnecessary risks. This means that we can increase by 3.26% before 2024. The inflation rate for July 2022 - July 2023. It is hard to see how the global economy will develop in the coming years. With this increase we maintain a real chance of a healthy coverage ratio to enter in 2026.”

PME has realized the increases over the past year and a half by taking advantage of the relaxed regulations in the run-up to the new pension system. Under the Future of Pensions Act, funds are allowed to increase earlier and they have to maintain fewer buffers. Pensions move more logically in line with economic developments. 

PME has over 170,000 retirees who will see their pension benefits increase again from January 2024. Active participants who are still accruing pension, also approximately 170,000, and former participants (270,000) will see on their participant portal as of January that the accrued pension has been increased by 3.26%.