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Alae Laghrich appointed executive director at PME

The board of PME has appointed Alae Laghrich (1979) executive director with the pension fund as of 1 January 2022. On the executive board, he will be responsible for risk management, governance, compliance and finance. Alae Laghrich currently works with ABP as Head of Risk Policy. He holds a key position in risk management, both with ABP and PME.

Nicole Beuken, independent chairperson: “We are very pleased that Alae Laghrich will join us. His expertise will be most welcome in the realisation of PME’s objectives. There is a lot to do: new pension legislation is on its way and our investments are also geared towards sustainability.”

Eric Uijen, chairman of the executive board: “With Alae Laghrich's appointment, an important position on the executive board has been filled. In his current capacity with our fund, we have come to know Alae Laghrich as someone who has convinced us with the way in which he carries out his key position. That is why we trust that he will dedicate himself to the future challenges faced by the fund.”

As of 1 January the executive board will, therefore, be made up of Alae Laghrich, Eric Uijen (chairman) and executive board member equity and asset management Marcel Andringa. All of them are independent board members, full-time employed by PME, and see to the fund's day-to-day management.

Alae Laghrich: “I am proud that I will be able to fully dedicate myself to PME as a member of the executive board. In that capacity, I will make sure that the interests of all participants, pensioners and affiliated employers in the metal and technology sector come first. In my time as key official with PME, I have become quite enthusiastic about this pension fund, and the innovative metal & technology sector it works so hard for. I look forward to taking on this wonderful challenge, together with the people at PME, and I hope that my expertise can contribute to PME's (sustainability) objectives.”