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Right to be heard: make your voice heard

Are you receiving pension from PME? Or did you accrue pension with us in the past? Then, according to the law, you have a right to be heard. Read more about what it is and how it works below.

Towards new pension rules

The Netherlands is introducing new rules for pensions. These better suit the way we live and work right now. What does this mean for your pension at PME? That is not certain yet. Employers and employees - the so-called social partners - are currently discussing the matter. They will agree how and when PME will switch to the new rules.

Let your voice be heard through an association

The agreements made are relevant to pensioners. And to everyone who accrued pension with PME in the past. Under the law, all these interested parties have the right to be heard. In Dutch this is called hoorrecht. They can share their points of view with the social partners through an association. Social partners are free in the way in which they implement the right to be heard. However, they must respond to points presented by the associations. Are you a pensioner or former participant and do you want to make your voice heard? You can do so in two ways:

  • Join an existing association of pensioners or former participants of the fund.
  • Find like-minded people and start your own association.

Joining an existing association

We want everyone to feel heard. That is why we closely monitor which associations want to exercise the right to be heard. We bring these associations to everyone's attention. On this website, for instance, or in PME Magazine. To date, we know of one association. For more information about it, see the text box below.


VGPME promotes the interests of people who are receiving a pension from PME. This happens in close collaboration with the VG-Océ en VG-Siemens. VGPME exercises its right to be heard. The association wants to represent the voice of as many pensioners as possible. New members are welcome to join. To become a member, you can register on the VGPME website.

Terms and conditions for associations

Is an association planning to exercise the right to be heard? Then a number of conditions apply:

  • The association must meet the statutory requirements that apply to associations.
  • The articles of association must state that the association promotes the interests of pensioners or former participants of the fund.
  • The association must represent at least 1,000 PME pensioners. Or at least 1,000 people who accrued pension with PME in the past.
  • The association must report to the social partners before 1 July 2023.

How to register as an association

Do you represent an association of pensioners and/or former participants? And does that association want to exercise its right to be heard? Then register the association with the Raad van Overleg in de Metalektro (ROM), the consultative body of social partners in our industry. Please note: only contact the ROM if you want to register an association. Do you have a question about the new pension rules? PME will be happy to help you.


+31 (0)70 317 19 00

Stichting Raad van Overleg in de Metalektro (ROM)
PO Box 407
2260 AK Leidschendam
The Netherlands


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