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New pension rules: schedule

New pension rules are not introduced overnight. The information below explains what steps have already been taken. And the steps still to come.

Up to 2019

The old pension rules are starting to pinch. We are getting older. And people change jobs more often. If the economy does well, pensions are not always increased. Employers, employees and the government agree to resolve the bottlenecks. In 2019 they sign the pension agreement.

  • The pension agreement is elaborated in the draft proposal for the Future of Pensions Act.
  • December 2022: the House of Representatives approves the proposal.
No later than 2028
  • PME is expected to switch to the new pension rules on 1 January 2026.
  • You will hear well in advance how the new rules affect your pension.

This is how the right to be heard works

Are you receiving pension from PME? Or did you accrue pension with us in the past? Then, according to the law, you have a right to be heard. This entitles interested parties to share their points of view with the trade unions and employers.

More about the right to be heard

Would you like to know where we currently stand? Then read the latest news on the new pension rules.