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Your pension statement is ready

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Are you accruing pension with us? Then your Uniform Pension Statement 2022 (UPS 2022) will be available online shortly. Did you receive mail from us about the UPS? Then you can view it online as of now. This is always a good moment to check how your pension is doing. The UPS presents a clear overview of your pension situation.

Your UPS contains the following information

  • How much contribution you - and your employer - have paid for your pension.
  • How much pension you have accrued with us until the end of 2021. Are you leaving the company? Then you will get this amount when you retire.
  • How much pension you will get in good times and bad times.
  • What your partner and children get after your death. Have you insured extra pension for your partner? Then this is already included in the amount on your UPS.
  • Your factor A for your tax return.

View your UPS 2022

Good to know

  • Look ahead with the long-range forecast. The long-range forecast provides insight in you future income and expenses. You can see, for example, what the effect is if you start working less or want to stop working earlier. See the options at
  • Do you want to know how much pension you have currently built up overall, including state retirement pension? Then go to

More information

  • Are your personal details on the UPS incorrect?

The data and amounts on the UPS are based on information we had on record on 1 January 2022. Have your details changed in 2021 and do you not see them on the UPS? Then please notify your employer, because they give us your details and any changes.

Have your details changed in 2022? Then you do not need to do anything. You will see the changes reflected in the UPS you will get next year.