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Unemployment and pension

What happens to your pension when you have lost your job and get unemployment benefits (WW)? You can continue to accrue pension with us as long as you receive WW.

  • You pay half of the pension contributions yourself; we pay the other half. You can deduct the contributions when you file your tax return. If you have any questions in this regard, it is best to contact the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration (Belastingdienst).
  • You accrue 70% of pension. This applies to your own pension and to your partner pension.
  • You accrue pension from your gross annual salary up € 81,010. 
  • Did you earn more and did you also accrue pension from this higher salary? Then you can continue to do so (up to € 114,866). You do pay all of the pension contributions yourself.
  • Have you taken out additional partner pension insurance (Anw gap insurance)? This insurance continues without any additional cost for as long as you receive WW. 

Make the arrangements on time: apply within 1 year

Would your like to carry on accruing pension with us? Apply with us within 1 year after leaving your job. Please contact us.

You carry on accruing when you receive SPAWW

If you receive SPAWW benefits after your WW, you can carry on accruing pension. Please send us a letter confirming your entitlement and an allowance specification within 1 month after you start receiving the benefit. Your pension accrual continues on the same conditions as during your WW.

New job: you can take your pension with you

Do you have a new job? In that case your pension accrual with us stops. If you wish, you can have your pension transferred to your new pension fund.

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