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PME supports scientific research into timber construction

Investments, Sustainability
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PME invests in affordable new houses in the Netherlands. These homes have a good long-term yield for our participants' pensions and help reduce the housing shortage. When investing we always focus on sustainability as well as return. This also applies to our property investments. For example, we invest in energy-efficient houses. These not only ensure lower energy bills for our tenants, but also offer a comfortable living environment.

We study how we can make housing construction more sustainable as well. One way is to use timber and other biobased materials, such as plant fibres. These biobased materials capture CO2, unlike concrete and cement, which emit a lot CO2 of during production.

To be able to invest more in healthy and climate-friendly property, we need more knowledge. That is why PME, together with Achmea Real Estate (PME's property investor in the Netherlands), supports scientific research into construction using natural materials. Not just financially, but also with practical knowledge and experience. Joining forces with the TU Delft Faculty of Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences, we are working on the knowledge needed to build the future. A future with climate-friendly homes and a positive yield for our participants' pensions.