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Options upon retirement

You have various options when you retire. The choices you make affect your pension. Do you have any questions? We are happy to help.

Early retirement

By default, your pension starts when your reach your AOW pension age. However, you choose when you actually retire. You can retire early or later.

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A higher pension in the beginning

You can receive a higher pension at first. This means that your pension will become lower afterwards (the rest of your life). Applying for a temporarily higher pension can be of interest if you expect higher costs in the beginning. You should, however, take into account that prices can rise over time (inflation). And later on you can also be faced with unexpected costs, such as healthcare expenses.

In this video pension consultant Rob van der Wal explains how it works:

Partial retirement

You can also take partial retirement and  carry on working part-time. You can take partial retirement from the age of 55.

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Replacing partner pension

You can replace your partner pension with additional pension for yourself. This may be a good idea if your partner has a good income of their own. Note: your partner will receive less or no partner pension upon your death. If you do not have a partner, we will automatically replace the partner pension for you. This means that your pension will become higher.

You can also replace part of your pension with additional partner pension, for example if you have a younger partner or if your partner has no income or a small income.

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